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It's worth it.

Freelance services


Development Passes - $35 rates are per 1,000 words

Includes a comprehensive edit letter with story structure feedback, plot / chararcter arc development, assessment of voice, writing style, pacing, tension, character and story development. No in margin comments.

Jess has an intuitive editing eye that borders on genius. Her mastery of plot, hooks, and deep character development—and how all three tie together—paired with her deep human empathy and penchant for teaching, makes her an invaluable guide for any writer looking to improve their story and overall understanding of the craft.


- Emily Golden, Founder, Golden May Editing


Kristen R. Lee, author of Required Reading for the Disenfranchised Freshman, Crown 2022

Kelise Rowe, author of Finding Jupiter, Crown 2022

Danielle Parker, author of You Bet Your Heart, Joy Rev 2023

Jade Adia, author of There Goes The Neighborhood, Disney 2023

Lisa Springer, author of There's No Way I'd Die First, Delacorte 2023

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